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Bringing digital
transformation to life

Too many choices?!If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by all the trends, hype and buzz words that saturate our modern technology world, relax! ekte is here to help.
“Our team of technical specialists take the strain and frustration away from IT. We’ll work with you to improve all aspects of your IT infrastructure, software and applications. By thoroughly understanding the risks, and cutting through the hype, we can deliver the rock-solid solutions and service that enable you to realise your organisation’s potential.”
Roy Jorgensen, co-founder of ekte
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Understanding your technology

ekte start with a comprehensive audit of your network and software, whilst taking time to talk to your staff about how they are helped or hindered by IT.

Improvement planning

After discovering where you are now, we devise strategies to align your vision, values and budget with your IT infrastructure and outcome objectives.

Delivery and support

Then its planning and delivering, supporting and training, using our expertise to deliver a trouble-free secure user experience for you.

Working with you at every stage

Audit and review

Not sure a managed service with cloud enabled infrastructure as a service is for you? Why not start with a simple consultation and network review.

Find out what is in your network, the devices and software you know about and those that you don’t.

Be informed of easy to achieve enhancements that will give you a more productive work environment.

Security planning

Hackers don’t care who they attack, everyone needs security, assessing the risk, defending networks and devices, deploying safe secure infrastructure is where ekte excels.

Choose to start with deploying tried and tested Secure Internet connections, software and security practice methodolgies.

Or go straight to leading edge, Gartner recommended ‘software of the future’ with xero-trust & miccro-segmentation ekte will explain the options, benefits and costs involved then work with you to deploy.

Fully managed service

Get on with your job whilst ekte takes care of the IT, fully managed devices, self-healing cloud-based servers, integrated software, up to date equipment – all maintained, patched, remediated and always available.

The ekte team will manage and support all elements of your IT infastructure.

Your users will carry on working with no interruptions.
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working with us

It's time to change the way you think about IT

At ekte we believe IT should ‘just work’ no histrionics, interruptions or delays its out job to enable you to utilise your IT to the maximum
  • Understand, be informed so you can plan to upgrade your physical infrastructure through innovative purchasing options.
  • Migrate your resources to the cloud, make all applications, documents and files available from everywhere. Work where you want with total security.
  • Train users to use what they have, make them confident, happy that the IT is there for them to exploit, learn and discover

Managed services for business

ekte talks to businesses, we work with you to make your IT, reliable, scalable, secure and useful.

Our Services section shows how from a simple consultation to a fully managed service we can help you no matter what the size of your budget.

Managed services for business

Google accredited, cloud migration experts with comprehensive CPD training to underpin the value of your IT investment, we mke your IT more efficient and cost effecive whilst promoting a whole school use – teaching the teachers.
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"Their support was on hand and any minor issues I encountered were dealt with efficiently and effectively. ekte has provided the school with a reliable and robust solution"

A. Copley - Network Manager

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"James of ekte has been instrumental in transforming the way IT works at our school"

Joran Lee (Head of Marketing)

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"Anytime I have raised a support ticket they have been resolved and dealt with quickly with the support desk always ensuring we are completely happy with the service, it’s the understanding of the service and commitment to customers that sets ekte apart."

R. Marshal - Schools Technical Support Specialist

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Save Time by using Google Workspace to streamline curriculum delivery

Attend our event on the 22nd June to hear from Teachers and Leaders how Google Workspace for Education has enabled the streamlining of curriculum delivery to save time.

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